Cross-Cultural Analysis

CC code: one 5-credit course or equivalent. Courses that carry the CC GE designation aim to prepare students for a globalizing world, with increased interaction and integration among peoples, economies, and governments. These courses aim to encourage a broader and deeper understanding of cultures and societies outside the United States. Such courses might provide an in-depth examination of one culture, or one aspect of such culture (for example, art, music, history, language). Alternatively, these courses might aim to help students develop skills of cross-cultural comparison and analysis. A third option is courses that explore topics that are inherently cross-cultural such as international relations or the processes of economic globalization. Whatever the approach, these courses all aim to help students develop the openness and critical perspective necessary for cross-cultural understanding. Although themes of privilege and oppression are centrally relevant to the history and current experience of many cultures, such themes are not required to be addressed in cross-cultural awareness courses.