Applied Mathematics

AM 114 Introduction to Dynamical Systems

Introduces continuous and discrete dynamical systems. Topics include: fixed points; stability; bifurcations; limit cycles; introduction to chaos. Examples are drawn from sciences and engineering. Familiarity with Matlab is preferred. Students cannot receive credit for this course and AM 214. (Formerly AMS 214.)


Prerequisite(s): AM 10 or MATH 21; and AM 20 or MATH 24; and AM 30 or MATH 23A or MATH 22; or PHYS 116A. Enrollment is restricted to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students are also expected to have some familiarity with Matlab (or alternatively Python), through AM 10 and 20. Students who are not familiar with Matlab will be provided with the opportunity to learn it in the first few weeks of class.



General Education Code