STAT 17L Statistical Methods for Business and Economics Laboratory

Overview and basic training in statistical programs used in the economics major.  Introduces students to basic data analysis workflow. A workflow of data analysis is a process for managing all aspects of data analysis. Planning, documenting, and organizing work; cleaning the data; creating, renaming, and verifying variables; creating summary statistics; and archiving what has been done are all integral parts of students' data analysis. This is an online asynchronous lab, with synchronous office hours/question and answer sessions. Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment in STAT 17; and score of 300 or higher on (MPE), or AM 3 or AM 11A. MATH 3 or MATH 11A strongly recommended. See Economics Department to petition for exceptions to concurrent enrollment restriction.


Prerequisites: A score of 300 or higher on (MPE), or completion of AM 3 or AM 11A or MATH 3 or MATH 11A or MATH 19A. Concurrent enrollment in STAT 17 is required. Declared and proposed majors in one of the economics programs who are transferring in a course equivalent to STAT 17, should contact the Economics Department to petition for an exception to the concurrent enrollment requirement.