Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM 3A General Chemistry

CHEM 3A is the first course in UCSC's three-quarter introductory chemistry series. Topics in this quarter include atomic theory and structure, the periodic table, chemical bonding, molecules and their structure, intramolecular forces, and chemical reactions and stoichiometry. Course consists of in-person lecture and a secondary active learning discussion section. In addition to the lecture, students are required to enroll and attend one discussion section.


Prerequisite(s): previous or concurrent enrollment in MATH 2 or higher, or a math placement (MP) score of 200 or higher. Students cannot enroll in CHEM 3A after receiving a 'C' or better in CHEM 1A, CHEM 1B, or CHEM 1C.



General Education Code



Alegra Eroy-Reveles