Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary

BIOE 159A Marine Ecology Field Quarter: Marine Ecology with Laboratory

Total immersion in marine ecology for very motivated students. Students develop a research project during first five weeks on campus and then spend five weeks of immersion in directed research without distraction in isolated locations off campus (past locations include the Gulf of California in Mexico and Moorea in French Polynesia). Not available through University Extension. No other courses may be taken during this quarter. Students must sign a contract agreeing to standards of behavior outlined in the UCSC Rule Book and by the instructors. Students are billed a materials, transportation (not airfare), and room and board fee of $3,000. Paradigms and designs in marine ecology. A review of the paradigms that have shaped our understanding of marine ecology and analysis and discussion of experiments with these paradigms. Students carry out a complete research project, including the formation of hypotheses; the design and implementation of experiments; the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; and the write-up and oral presentation of results. Admission by interview during previous winter quarter. BIOE 159A, BIOE 159B, BIOE 159C, and BIOE 159D are equivalent to BIOE 127, BIOE 127L, BIOE 108, and BIOE 158L for major requirements. Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements; BIOE 159A, BIOE 159B, BIOE 159C, and BIOE 159D must be taken concurrently.




Giacomo Bernardi, Suzanne Alonzo, Peter Raimondi